Board and Commissions

Dalton Township Boards and Commissions
*The Township Board consists of elected officials and trustees.

Elected Officials

Tony Barnes         Supervisor Elected 11/2016

Mary Ann Wallace Clerk         Elected 11/2016

Elizabeth Jenkins  Treasurer  Re-elected 11/2016

Dalton Township Trustees

Daniel Hess               Elected       11/2016
James Lothschutz      Re-elected  11/2016
Brent Barrett                Appointed       #/2017
Mike Hiner                 Re-elected   11/2016

 Planning Commission

Michelle Vallier Chairperson Term exp. 12/2019
Robert Sikkenga Vice-Chairperson Term exp. 12/2017
Jesse McCormick  Secretary Term exp. 12/2019
Parnell Johnson   Term exp. 11/2017
Kay Kennedy   Term exp. 12/2018
Daniel Hess   Term exp. Trustee 
David Glick   Term exp. 12/2018

Zoning Board of Appeals

Craig Monette Chairperson Term exp.   7/2019
Charles Lothschutz Vice-Chairperson Term exp.   3/2018
Kay Kennedy Secretary Term exp.   12/2019
Ken Murar   Term exp.   11/2019
Brent Barrett   Term exp.   Trustee
Diane Misze Alternate #1 Term exp.   11/2017
Marvin Nash Alternate #2 Term exp.   11/2019
Board of Review
Craig Monette        Term exp. 12/2018
John Hodgson         Term exp. 12/2018
Wanda Todd           Term exp. 12/2018
Building Board of Appeals
Brian Lacross     Term exp. 2/2018
Dale Sheehy       Term exp. 2/2018
Don Hanson        Term exp. 2/2018