Treasurers Office


(231) 766-3043 ext. 2011 or 2019.

Tammy Stephenson, Treasurer - ext. 2011
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. - 4:30p.m.

Jessica Kidder, Deputy Treasurer - ext. 2019
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Properties in the Village of Lakewood Club will receive a separate Village tax bill which is payable only at the Village. The Village of Lakwood Club: 231-894-9008 or

Look below or click one of the following links for:


Summer/Winter Taxes

Summer Taxes are due September 14th.

 Unpaid summer taxes will begin accruing a 1% interest September 15th and every month thereafter until February 15th when a 3% penalty will be applied.

 Winter Taxes are due February 14th.

Unpaid Winter Taxes will have a 3% penalty applied on February 15th.

As specified above, both unpaid summer and winter taxes, as of Feb. 14th, will have a 3% penalty applied.

*All unpaid taxes are sent to Muskegon County March 1st and are payable only at the County Treasurer's Office.



Tax Payment Options
Summer: July - Sept. 14
Winter: Dec. - Feb. 14

1. Mail to or visit Dalton Township: 1616 E. Riley Thompson Muskegon, MI 49445

2. Visit Community Shores Bank at the 180 Causeway location.

3. Online at
Click "local payments" and enter Dalton Township's jurisdiction code: 7133.

4. Call 1-800-272-9829

 *Tax payments made between September 14th and November 30th will ONLY be accepted at Dalton Township Hall (not at Community Shores or


2017 Millage Rates
 Reeths Puffer School District 61220
Summer: 11.6984
Winter Non-Homestead: 52.1588
Winter Homestead: 34.1588
2015 Millage Rates
 Whitehall School District 61240 
Summer: 11.6984
Winter Non-Homestead: 37.3669
Winter Homestead: 19.3669

For tax forms, go to
or click one of the following links:

Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim   Form: MI-1040CR,1607,7-238-43535_43538---,00.html
 Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim for Veterans & Blind People  Form: MI-1040CR-2,1607,7-238-43535_43538---,00.html
 Home Heating Credit Claim  Form: MI-1040CR-7,1607,7-215-33210---,00.html
 Property Tax Deferment,1607,7-238-43535_55602---,00.html


For up-to-date tax and assessing information follow these instructions:
    • Click here: BSA Internet Service Site
    • *Scroll down and click  "Dalton Township."
    • *Information is updated daily (Please allow up to 48 hours for payments to process and post)
    • *Payments are not accepted through the BSA site
    • *Users must register online by creating an account;
      ~this service is free to residents

Visit and use the
jurisdiction code 7133 in order to pay current season taxes online.

Muskegon County Contacts:

Muskegon County Treasurer: Tony Moulatsiotis  231-724-6261 173 E. Apple Ave.
Suite 104 
Muskegon, MI  49442 
 Dog Tags:  County Treasurer  231-724-6261  173 E. Apple Ave.
Suite 104
 Muskegon, MI  49442